Knightly Manor

The perfect setting for practicing the medieval fighting & fencing arts

Arne has settled in a knightly manor in the middle of Germany: the Kemenate in Lauchröden.
Five hundred years ago, the Kemenate – meaning ‘heated house’ – was part of a fief and was used as a local aristocratic residence. The knight Reckrot was granted (‘belehnt’ with) the manor in the sixteenth century.

The grounds around the manor are a fantastic backdrop for the many activities that Arne organises at the Kemenate. Working students, week students and visitors enjoy the congenial and constructive atmosphere of this modest stable yard. With boarding room for both visitors and their horses, a weatherproof riding arena and the opportunity to hack out among the rolling hills and castle ruins of the Eisenach area, the Kemenate is perfectly suited to Arne’s needs.